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Sup Blog readers!  As often as all of us do, we come up with new and different styles. Some might find the ensemble brilliant and others may say ‘oh wow you’re a fashion disaster!’ Embrace your unique fashion sense and creativity. Stand up and scream to the world….This is me and I don’t care what […]

Hello Blog readers! This is my first blog and I’ll tell ya a little something about myself. My style changes all the time. From glamorous to down right grungy. Depending on my mood and style, I’ll go Neko, Elf or human. So expect many different looks coming from me in my blog posts.Now I was […]

Hello Hello Webites! I am BACK and with MORE fashion. Get excited! But no, seriously, I have more Black and Blue Fair goodies to bring to you, which hopefully, you’ll LOVE. Cause I know I do already. First up, the ever amusing T Junction. If you haven’t been to T Junction, you’re missing out. They’ve […]

Hello Hello Webites! Bloggers such as myself are getting a sneak preview of the Black and Blue Fair, an event that is designed to bring awareness to mental health issues through fashion. Many, many designers have chose to donate new and exclusive items to the fair, including: Magika, Heart and Sole, ::LiNe::, alaMood, Morantique Lush, […]

LOTD: 4/19/2010


Hello Hello Bloggites! Still working on the whole, blogging-at-least-once-a-week thing, but I am doing well, right? I was originally going to just post this LOTD on my store blog, but I instead decided to post it here. I know, I know, another shameless self-promotion. Except…not really. I actually think that the highlights of this LOTD […]

Okay, so I’ve been a terrible blogger. I admit it! I mean I update my store’s blog more than this one! Thanks to the lovely AlexandraM Guisse who has been keeping La Familia from being a complete ghost town! I thought I would kick off my return to the blogosphere with a simple LOTD. Check […]

I absolutely love the first days of spring.  Nothing is more refreshing than being able to go out in a cute dress instead of being all bundled up.  So, it’s time to break open the windows and shop for another round of the all important cutsie spring dress!  I scrambled around the grid to some […]