Embrace your creativity


Sup Blog readers!

 As often as all of us do, we come up with new and different styles. Some might find the ensemble brilliant and others may say ‘oh wow you’re a fashion disaster!’ Embrace your unique fashion sense and creativity. Stand up and scream to the world….This is me and I don’t care what you think!!! That’s exactly what I did here. This ensemble was created through me playing around with items of clothing and finding something that worked. So here it is, in all its odd and creative glory.

Jewelry, Piercings and Glasses

As I previously state, I was just messing in my inventory and came up with a standout ensemble. The day I threw this together started like any other, but everything needs a rolling start and I had the urge to wear glasses that day. So, it started with these awesome glasses from *Fishy Strawberry* called College glasses. Perfect to pair with any style you wish to achieve. These glasses are colour changeable as well, a great feature and a plus so you don’t have to go buy multiple pairs of the same glasses, just in different colours. One pair with a colour change option….who doesn’t love that?!

 This jewelry set was given to me by a friend, who’s turned me onto an incredible store called :SEY. The star and skull jewelry fits perfectly with the holed leggings and the drive in top. The slick rope like necklace and bangle is accented with lovely metal stars, beads and skulls. The detailing on this set is ridiculously incredible. And with such a close up picture, you are able to see one of my favourite piercings from Haus of Darcy (.HoD.). Like all of .HoD. piercings, they are extremely high quality work, unique individual designs and unisex. You want piercings with just enough metal to them….head on out to .HoD. and check out their awesome jewelry!

This funky top isn’t actually a top at all! It just worked out that I could wear it as one, but it is actually part of one of the fabulous designs from Tyranny Designs. The top is part of a dress called At The Drive In – Yellow. I originally had the entire dress on, but wasn’t feeling the skirt with these phenomenal holed leggings. Which didn’t look bad, but I wasn’t feeling it 100%. So I tossed the skirt and paired them with some sexy booty shorts from the well-known store League. The jean shorts fit so perfectly with the leggings due to the sheer fact they are torn and frayed at the seams. 

As you can see, I’m also sporting my ink which I feel naked without. I found this tattoo shop when I first came into SL because of a friend of mine who had taken me under her wing. This tattoo is called Ghost Geisha and I’ve worn it in faded. Personal preference, but it does come in all layers and wearing styles. Whether you wanna look freshly inked or aged…you can do it with Garden of Ku tattoos.

But the topper on this outfit is the shoes and hair I’ve paired along side it. Every outfit needs a great pair of shoes and where else to look than Maitreya. Maitreya shoes come in a vast variety of colours and styles. These sleek stilettos give this outfit the fashionable edge it needs with just enough height to the heel and the point of the toe setting it off just right. The wild child teased hair is from the very well-known hair designer Truth Hawks and its called Rayne. It comes with a fun little hair clip which I’ve chosen not to wear with this ensemble.

And the piece de resistance…..I’ve decided to go elf, which tied it all together with a nice little bow. The ears are studded and tie in perfectly with the jewelry set from :SEY and the piercings from .HoD.

Well that’s it readers, please stay tuned to read more blog entries by myself and the other bloggers of La Familia. And go check out all of those rockin stores for yourself! Keep stylin ladies!!

Shoes: Maitreya Slinky Stilettos – Yellow

Hair: Truth – Rayne – Reds

Jewelry: :SEY “Star&Skull” – Necklace & Bangles

Tights: .:A&M:. Holed Legging – Black – Black&Blue Fair’10

Shorts: *League* Booty-Shorts~D.Blue

Shirt: .::Tyranny Designs::. At The Drive In Yellow

Ears: ! V i s a v i ! – Epigon Ears – FATPACK! ❤ – Studded

Tattoos: ::Garden of Ku Tattoos:: Tattoo Ghost Geisha_GoK

Glasses: *Fishy Strawberry* College Glasses

Facial Piercing: .HoD. – HBOX Scathed Piercing: Smite – Female

Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Nougat] Glow Skin


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