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Hello Hello Webites! I am BACK and with MORE fashion. Get excited! But no, seriously, I have more Black and Blue Fair goodies to bring to you, which hopefully, you’ll LOVE. Cause I know I do already. First up, the ever amusing T Junction. If you haven’t been to T Junction, you’re missing out. They’ve […]

LOTD: 4/19/2010


Hello Hello Bloggites! Still working on the whole, blogging-at-least-once-a-week thing, but I am doing well, right? I was originally going to just post this LOTD on my store blog, but I instead decided to post it here. I know, I know, another shameless self-promotion. Except…not really. I actually think that the highlights of this LOTD […]

Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams* They Do Come True was kind enough to drop me a review packet FILLED with her latest releases in so many colors that I literally fainted. Seriously. I would have a pic of my unconscious avatar, but I figured that that would be a tad inappropriate. Anywho, the first part of […]

LOTD Part 1


Soo, I know that we at La Familia have NOT been blogging as we should, but that’s all about to change. Seeing as how this is our first post of 2010, I am gonna keep it short and sweet. Why? Because throughout the weekend, we’re gonna be bombarding you with so many LOTDs, you’re gonna […]