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Hello Hello Fashonistas! Heather Connolly, owner of [Astraia] (formerly .hc&co.) was kind enough to drop me some of her new items! I also, prior to receiving this, got myself some [Astraia] swag, which I figured I’d feature along with the review pack she sent me! She actually sent me quite a bit of items, which […]

I’ve been a huge fan of Glitterati’s poses for a while now. My office even looks like Glitterati threw up in there :P. Being a store owner, I’m obsessed with poses, but especially ones that I can use to show off my newest clothes! I’m super excited about the newest pose set from Glitterati! Katey […]

Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams* They Do Come True was kind enough to drop me a review packet FILLED with her latest releases in so many colors that I literally fainted. Seriously. I would have a pic of my unconscious avatar, but I figured that that would be a tad inappropriate. Anywho, the first part of […]

Hello Hello Fashionistas! I am back and with more previews of just some of the swag (clothing wise, anyway) that you can get at the Heat Wave Hunt! It started earlier today and runs until Feb 15th, so you have plenty of time to snag these awesome gifts! One of my favorite from the hunt […]

We hand picked some of the hottest designers in SL to be a part of this hunt, and the gifts totally reflect that.  We’ve got some incredible designers and builders who have brought you 52 fabulous gifts.  The hunt starts tonight at midnight!  Visit for more information! Hunt Start Point: Alexohol Fashions Mainstore Here’s […]

Hello Hello! It’s AliannaMarie and I have a TON of goodies to show you. And, guess what? ALL of them are FREE! 🙂 You read that right, free. The organizers of the Heat Wave Hunt opened up a small part of their office up for bloggers to sample some of the freebies, and I definitely […]

Omg it’s my first post at La Familia!  Woohoo 😀 I’m Alex, owner of Alexohol Fashions.  For my first look of the day, I used one of the gifts from the upcoming Music for the Soul hunt, our new gaga dress, and visited some of the FABULOUS stores in the Alexohol Mall and built a sexy version […]