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 As often as all of us do, we come up with new and different styles. Some might find the ensemble brilliant and others may say ‘oh wow you’re a fashion disaster!’ Embrace your unique fashion sense and creativity. Stand up and scream to the world….This is me and I don’t care what you think!!! That’s exactly what I did here. This ensemble was created through me playing around with items of clothing and finding something that worked. So here it is, in all its odd and creative glory.

Jewelry, Piercings and Glasses

As I previously state, I was just messing in my inventory and came up with a standout ensemble. The day I threw this together started like any other, but everything needs a rolling start and I had the urge to wear glasses that day. So, it started with these awesome glasses from *Fishy Strawberry* called College glasses. Perfect to pair with any style you wish to achieve. These glasses are colour changeable as well, a great feature and a plus so you don’t have to go buy multiple pairs of the same glasses, just in different colours. One pair with a colour change option….who doesn’t love that?!

 This jewelry set was given to me by a friend, who’s turned me onto an incredible store called :SEY. The star and skull jewelry fits perfectly with the holed leggings and the drive in top. The slick rope like necklace and bangle is accented with lovely metal stars, beads and skulls. The detailing on this set is ridiculously incredible. And with such a close up picture, you are able to see one of my favourite piercings from Haus of Darcy (.HoD.). Like all of .HoD. piercings, they are extremely high quality work, unique individual designs and unisex. You want piercings with just enough metal to them….head on out to .HoD. and check out their awesome jewelry!

This funky top isn’t actually a top at all! It just worked out that I could wear it as one, but it is actually part of one of the fabulous designs from Tyranny Designs. The top is part of a dress called At The Drive In – Yellow. I originally had the entire dress on, but wasn’t feeling the skirt with these phenomenal holed leggings. Which didn’t look bad, but I wasn’t feeling it 100%. So I tossed the skirt and paired them with some sexy booty shorts from the well-known store League. The jean shorts fit so perfectly with the leggings due to the sheer fact they are torn and frayed at the seams. 

As you can see, I’m also sporting my ink which I feel naked without. I found this tattoo shop when I first came into SL because of a friend of mine who had taken me under her wing. This tattoo is called Ghost Geisha and I’ve worn it in faded. Personal preference, but it does come in all layers and wearing styles. Whether you wanna look freshly inked or aged…you can do it with Garden of Ku tattoos.

But the topper on this outfit is the shoes and hair I’ve paired along side it. Every outfit needs a great pair of shoes and where else to look than Maitreya. Maitreya shoes come in a vast variety of colours and styles. These sleek stilettos give this outfit the fashionable edge it needs with just enough height to the heel and the point of the toe setting it off just right. The wild child teased hair is from the very well-known hair designer Truth Hawks and its called Rayne. It comes with a fun little hair clip which I’ve chosen not to wear with this ensemble.

And the piece de resistance…..I’ve decided to go elf, which tied it all together with a nice little bow. The ears are studded and tie in perfectly with the jewelry set from :SEY and the piercings from .HoD.

Well that’s it readers, please stay tuned to read more blog entries by myself and the other bloggers of La Familia. And go check out all of those rockin stores for yourself! Keep stylin ladies!!

Shoes: Maitreya Slinky Stilettos – Yellow

Hair: Truth – Rayne – Reds

Jewelry: :SEY “Star&Skull” – Necklace & Bangles

Tights: .:A&M:. Holed Legging – Black – Black&Blue Fair’10

Shorts: *League* Booty-Shorts~D.Blue

Shirt: .::Tyranny Designs::. At The Drive In Yellow

Ears: ! V i s a v i ! – Epigon Ears – FATPACK! ❤ – Studded

Tattoos: ::Garden of Ku Tattoos:: Tattoo Ghost Geisha_GoK

Glasses: *Fishy Strawberry* College Glasses

Facial Piercing: .HoD. – HBOX Scathed Piercing: Smite – Female

Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Nougat] Glow Skin


Hello Blog readers!

This is my first blog and I’ll tell ya a little something about myself. My style changes all the time. From glamorous to down right grungy. Depending on my mood and style, I’ll go Neko, Elf or human. So expect many different looks coming from me in my blog posts.Now I was browsing on Xstreet, as we ALL do, and came across this gorgeous dress. I fell in love with the rich brown/bronze colour, the style and the flower adorn with ribbons perfectly placed at the cleavage. 

Esmeralda Dress

The sweetheart neckline gives a nice seductive emphasis on the cleavage of any woman. The hem line of the dress is cut just right to accentuate any woman’s long legs. This amazing dress also comes with a set of gold hoop earrings, which I have not worn in these blog photos. I have instead paired this dress with a set from EarthStones called Bali Crescent Jewelry Set in Brass/Tigers Eye. The brass and tigers eye accent the colouring of the dress nicely, capturing the rich colour.

Bali Crescent Jewelry SetSince every dress needs to be paired with the perfect shoes, as EVERY woman knows, a friend of mine turned me onto a new store. One I have never heard of before, but she just raved about Orange Creations and the heels they have. So of course I went to check it out. I was thoroughly impressed, though they only have two different styles right now, the colour options, and the unique style. I’ve paired this sensual dress with Orange Creations’ Melanie in Satin Bronze.    

Orange Creations Melanie HeelsThe shoes include some great instructions for colouring the feet perfectly to your skin tone. The straps on the shoes are colour changeable along with the nail polish on the toes. These heels come in a variety of colours, perfect to match any outfit. 

Full Outfit ViewSo, check out these amazing stores and rock that fashion like you’re fierce and fabulous, because heads will turn if you walk around in this hot little number. Work it ladies!

  Until next time…keep it sexy! 

Dress: ! ! NK Fashion: Esmeralda  

Heels: Orange Creations: Melanie – Satin Bronze 

Jewelry: EarthStones Bali Crescent Jewelry Set – Brass/Tigers Eye

Nails: Mstyle Perfect Long Nails – Classic (French)

Hair: Gritty Kitty: Ghetto – Red  

Facial Piercing: – .HoD. – HBOX Scathed Piercing: Smite – Female

Hello Hello Webites!

I am BACK and with MORE fashion. Get excited! But no, seriously, I have more Black and Blue Fair goodies to bring to you, which hopefully, you’ll LOVE. Cause I know I do already. First up, the ever amusing T Junction.

If you haven’t been to T Junction, you’re missing out. They’ve got some pretty hilarious tees for very reasonable prices. So whenever you’re interested in tickling your funny bone, or someone random stranger’s, they’ve totally have you covered. You’re guaranteed to be the life of the sim when you’re rocking swag from T Junction.

t junction black and blue fair

Bonus tidbit, I actually planned on buying ALL of the tees, but after only purchasing one, one of the owners dropped me the rest! 🙂 Thanks so much Lauren! ❤ In case you can't read the image (click through to see the fullsize), the tees say: BFFs 4 Ever, Shake your Coconuts (my personal fave!), and Buzz Off! So clever. Well done, ladies!

Up next, we have a store I have been DYING to see their Black and Blue Fair items for quite some time. They were name dropped in the last post, but now we get to see the original items they have come up with! Can't figure it out? Well then, I'll just tell you. It's ::LiNe::! Of course, being the fangirling loser I am, I fatpacked just about everything, but it's all good, right? Anyway, let me get on to the photos before you guys completely kill me.

line black and blue fair

The items on the left and right, are the outfits Lala & Suzy in Black and Blue! They come with a high waisted mini skirt, sexy mini top, and even pasties! The outfit in the middle is called Storm, and comes in both black and blue. I happen to be wearing the black in the photo, obviously! The dress comes in all layers, as well as a prim skirt and even an extra transparent skirt option.

There’s also this really cute mini skirt + tank outfit called Pitrik and Yumos, which comes in both black and blue, of course. :p I put together a somewhat mini LOTD with it, complete with stupid face animation because I am a dork.

line lotd

Necklace and Piercings: -HoD- (Haus of Darcy) Mercenary Women’s Set, HBOX Lure Piercing Set
Tattoo: -iNFLiCT- T-Lick This
Finger Tapes: *Linc* – Dollarbie!
Hair: >TRUTH< Brit – Espresso
Pose: [LAP] – KB-Cuteness PR4

Finally, what would be a Black and Blue Fair post without a little Alexohol? Exactly. So, I decided to pick my three favorite Alexohol items (though really, all of them are fabulous), and feature them here on the blog! Thanks so much AlexandraM Guisse for dropping these to me!

alexohol black and blue fair

From Left to Right: Rum Runner Swimsuit, Unbutton Me Dress, Baja Twist Corset.

Want more sexiness? Then you should definitely visit their mainstore. They have everything from military wear to basic essentials, even barely there outfits!

Alright, alright. I’m done for now. The next Black and Blue Fair post will be featuring skins, jewelry, poses, and even more apparel, so stay tuned!


Other Credits:
T Junction Photo
Hair: >TRUTH>>Moloko<<< Stars and Swallows Tattoo
Pose: [LAP] – WG2-The BoRee PR4

::LiNe:: Photo
Hair: Magika – Aurora
Pasties: *Linc* X Pasties V1
Tattoos: Same as above
Poses: esme for pda – Break in Case of Anything + flowey. – all my secrets

>>Alexohol<< Photo
Hair: DETOUR Rhaphsody II, TRUTH Giselle + Sasha
Pasties: *Linc* X Pasties V1
Tattoos: -iNFLiCT- T- Good Girl
Necklace: LacieCakes – Adora Long Necklace
Shorts: Emery – Part of Endless Summer Outfit
Poses: model pose 27 + dismorph. Mowgli's Road

Hello Hello Webites!

Bloggers such as myself are getting a sneak preview of the Black and Blue Fair, an event that is designed to bring awareness to mental health issues through fashion. Many, many designers have chose to donate new and exclusive items to the fair, including: Magika, Heart and Sole, ::LiNe::, alaMood, Morantique Lush, Slutcookie, Berries Inc., Adam N Eve, Blacklace, iPoke, OMFG, and well, you get the picture.

La Familia will be covering the Black and Blue Fair throughout its duration, showing you the amazing apparel these talented designers have decided to showcase. 😀 The fair itself starts June 4th, so get ready to open your wallets, cause trust me, you’re gonna wanna buy out the whole venue.

The lovely owner of Intrigue Co. was very, very kind enough to drop me a folder containing her Black and Blue fair items! Among them are these two awesome graphic tees, which are a must grab at only L$25.

i love stache tee polaroid

Yeah…so my hair is kinda blocking the ‘I’ in the ‘I love Stache’ tee, but you get the point.

this is how i roll shirt

Both tees come in ALL clothing layers, which of course, is super awesome especially if you love layering as much as I do. Even though I didn’t actually do it in those photos. But you totally get what I mean.

These aren’t all of their Black and Blue fair items, they also dropped me two hoodies, but those are going to have to be saved for another blog post at another time. Why? Because I’m an evil bitch. True story.

Anyway, their review pack inspired me to go check out the rest of the Black and Blue Fair space, and I think it is safe to say that I dropped enough Lindens to feed a third world country. But it’s all good, I’m happy to help out. Designers work really hard to give us items to clothe our otherwise naked avatars, so I am always happy to support them. Especially if by doing so, it helps raise awareness to important issues such as mental illness.


Clicky, clicky! Caught you by surprise, didn’t I? 🙂 Of course, it probably would have been better if I had said snap, snap, but we all have to break away from the norm sometimes. In all seriousness though, this is my attempt to combine items to keep my posts from getting too long! The camera is from the store /me, which happens to be new to well, me! By attaching the camera (there are actually 5, total), it immediately poses you, making it easy to take pictures on the fly. The shirt I’m wearing is from -MonS-, another new store, and my jeans are from Bomb!. -MonS- actually was kind enough to bundle another shirt along with the one I’m wearing above, which you can see below.

-MonS- Shirt Blue Dreams in Zebra with /me Says Cheese Camera Pose

Here are some of the other camera poses in the /me set:

Yep. Got bored and changed clothes! You wouldn’t believe how many things go with these awesome -Bomb- jeans! Speaking of, here’s a close up of them so that you can see exactly how fabulous they are:

bomb jeans mitte blue

They also come in black, as well as a lighter, more stonewashed shade.

Whew. What a blog post. Anyway, all of these items are available at Black and Blue Fair, which starts June 4th. Please, please show up if you can! I can tell that it’s shaping up to be an amazing event, and you definitely don’t want to miss out. More postage coming soon!


Other Credits:
Hair: Magika – Wild, Truth – Brit. Both in Black and Whites packs.
Poses: [LAP] – Jus Standin, Striking Poses – Dollarbie Pose
Belt: [ATOMIC] Music Belt in Black
Cigarette: Hermony – Filter Cigarette [Black]
Shoes: ::LiNe:: Chucks Danger 2
Necklace: LacieCakes (Part of Royally Flushed Necklace Set w/Nom Nom)
Skin: :Curio: – Cupid-Lavish in Acorn
Lashes: Cake – Bedroom Lashes

LOTD: 4/19/2010


Hello Hello Bloggites!

Still working on the whole, blogging-at-least-once-a-week thing, but I am doing well, right? I was originally going to just post this LOTD on my store blog, but I instead decided to post it here. I know, I know, another shameless self-promotion. Except…not really. I actually think that the highlights of this LOTD are the jeans and accessories! So you can see now why I chose to blog it here. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

I was kind of going for a more alternative look, as I usually end up dressing a bit more on the casual side lately! I actually spent quite a few days inworld rockin this particular look, manly because it was so badass. With the new Mercenary Necklace from -.HoD.-, to the both the belt and cigarettes from my new love, .::Hermony::., as well as the slick and sexy coif from lamb. it was clear that this outfit was made for the bad girl in me. After all, who actually wants to be nice all the time? So overrated. Here’s the full look along with style details:

Hair: lamb. Ghost – Ink
Cigarette: .::Hermony::. FilterCigarette
Tank: [Insatiable Fashions] Basic Tank Black <—- see, now wasn't that harmless?
Belt: .::Hermony::. Rock'nRolla-Belt (BlackPack)
Jeans: >>GothiCatz<< (Part of Blossom Outfit, which is super cute, btw)
Shoes: ::LiNe:: Chucks (Danger 2)
Necklace: -.HoD.- Mercenary Necklace (Female)
Finger Tapes: *Linc* FingerTapes Dollarbie
Pose: [LAP] KB Cuteness PR4 (full body), Striking Poses Tatiana Del Toro Dollarbie Pose (close up)

Until Next time! Hope you enjoyed the LOTD!


P.S. Forgot to credit the tats! I have featured them before but they’re a wardrobe stable for me! They’re from [ATOMIC] and are called Stars Addiction.

Okay, so I’ve been a terrible blogger. I admit it! I mean I update my store’s blog more than this one! Thanks to the lovely AlexandraM Guisse who has been keeping La Familia from being a complete ghost town! I thought I would kick off my return to the blogosphere with a simple LOTD. Check this out:

How awesome is this? It’s the perfect mix between rebellious and casual, with a bit of glam! Here’s the full look:

Hair: >TRUTH< Brit – Espresso
Shades: [glow] Studio BlingBling Shades
Shirt: AOHARU BT Roll Up Open Shirt Check 003
Tank: [Insatiable Fashions] Maddox Top
Shorts: Emery – Part of Endless Summer Outfit
Shoes: Kitties Lair – Venice Black
Poses: [LAP] WG2-TheBoRee PR 4 (full body) and flowey. all my secrets (close up)

Until Next time!

I absolutely love the first days of spring.  Nothing is more refreshing than being able to go out in a cute dress instead of being all bundled up.  So, it’s time to break open the windows and shop for another round of the all important cutsie spring dress!  I scrambled around the grid to some of my favorite places, and here’s my picks for some fantastic spring-friendly dresses!
Ok, so I lied, they’re not ALL dresses!  But this new release from Phoenix Rising is too cute, and way too spring-y to pass up!  This is the only skirt though, I promise!  And seriously, nothing gets me more excited than pink roses <3.   I’m pretty sure my inventory is clogged full of every pink rose on the grid, from the 1000 prim noobie-fabulous versions to the beautiful sculpt ones, I buy them all.  But, this is one that WILL be coming out of my inventory on a regular basis.  The detailing is amazing, and its one of those SL outfits I would KILL for in RL!  It’s also ideal to pair with a plain white top for a gorgeous spring-time feel. 
Not to mention, just released by Lacie Chambers of Lacie Cakes is this stunning rose ring!  Not only does it look good, it’ll make you feel good too!-100% of the profits of the Rosaline ring are donated to Relay for Life!  Get it exclusively at the LacieCakes booth at the accessory fair!





Get the look:

Skirt: Phoenix Rising-Forte skirt in Rose
Top: Elate!-tank top in white
Shoes: B&G-Alba in Negro
Ring: LacieCakes Rosaline Ring (100% of profits to RFL! available ONLY at the accessory fair!)
Necklace: LacieCakes Betty Black Pearl Necklace
Hair: Truth Melody in Seaspray
Tattoo: Smudge-Star Feet
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-tsunami
Skin: Exodi-Lily-Cygne Noir in Cedar
Clevage Enhancer-LAQ-Clevage Enhancer in peach
Pose: Long Awkward Pose-Barbie 2
Now, on to the actual dresses 😛
If you didnt hear, Cupcake is having a 50% off all green items sale until St. Patrick’s day!  So, I wandered over there and picked up this cute green number, which also happens to be one of their latest releases!  The embellishments around the neck are so amazingly pretty, and you don’t even need to find a necklace to go with it.  This is the perfect St. Patty’s day dress or just a cute little something to wander around the grid in!





Get the look:

Dress-Cupcakes-Lacy Halter Dress in Green
Hair-Truth-Shera in driftwood
Skin: Exodi-Lily in Cherry Cygne Noir

Pose: Glitterati Lean 7

One of the things I love about spring is sitting outside in the sun, having a nice refreshing drink.  And what’s better than a cold Julep on a warm spring day?  Well Alexohol’s got you covered there…take a drink of the fashion in this poofy spring dress.  Paired with it is a super cute necklace from $Ganked$, an adorable store I discovered at the accessory fair!  I LOVE it, it’s amazing, and not to mention a huge bargin at 75L!  Also, the mint version of the Alexohol Julep dress is up now for 60L weekends for, obviously, 60L!  It will be available at that price until sunday at which point it’ll go back up!



Get the Look:
Dress-Alexohol Fashions-Flowery Julep Dress
Necklace-$GaNKeD$-Pearlblossom Necklace in Black
Ring-Elate! Charcoal Rose Ring
Shoes-B&G-Melody in Blanco
Hair-Truth-Lydia in Espresso
Skin-Exodi-Lily Cygne Noir in Cedar
Clevage Enhancer-LAQ-Clevage enhancer v2 in Peach
Pose:Glitterati-model 82

On my quest for some more lovely dresses, I happened upon’s new spring dresses, and can I say? I just LOVE the color combos of theese, and the sculpt bow is just adorable.   Paired with the outfit is Sydney, one of the latest truth releases, and a special accessory fair discounted version of U&R Dog’s Isolde Necklace. 







Get the Look:– spring bloom dress-Bouquet
Necklace-UR dogs-Isolde Necklace gold Pumps-Yellow
Skin-Belleza-Alyson Tan (Past Group Gift)
Pose-Glitterati-Lean 8
I told you I was a sucker for roses!  I really, really am!  But at least this one is adorable as well!  Aoharu’s new spring dresses are available in a variety of colors, and a couple of different prints.  But pink & roses it is for me! There are a couple of different skirt options for this one, which I absolutely love.






Get the Look:

Dress-Aoharu-Flower Strapless Dress-Rose/Pinkbase
Necklace-LacieCakes-Bouquet Necklace Brown with Hair Flower
Skin-Exodi-Lily Cygne Noir in Cedar
Clevage Enhancer-LAQ-Clevage Enhancer v2-Peach
Pose-Glitterati-model 90
Next up is one of my favorite new releases from one of my absolute favorite ladies in SL!  AliannaMarie GossipGirl of Insatiable Fashions gave this dress a name, that in my opinion at least, is just absolutely FABULOUS!  May I present to you the Alexandra II Dress? 😀  I’m sure for those of you who *actually* know me that the name sounds might familiar lol.  But in all seriousness, I am in love with the shade of pink, and the short sexy dress is a must have for all the spring days.  Not to mention the sexy, unique style of Insatiable Fashions is quite to die for! This dress, as well as two other colors are available as part of 60L weekends until sunday only, so pick this one up fast as well!  Paired with it are some super sexy shoes from Heart and SOle.  The cute, sexy, strappy heels are the perfect combo for this short little number!
Get the Look:
Dress: Insatiable Fashions-Alexandra II in Pink (60L until Sunday!)
Shoes: Heart and Sole-Athena in Pink
Necklace: Sissi (as part of the Pearls pose set with Glitterati)-Pearls 2
Hair: Truth-Gretel in Espresso
Skin-Exodi-Lily Cygne Noir in Cedar
Clevage Enhancer-LAQ-Clevage Enhancer v2 in Peach
Pose: Glitterati(as part of the Pearls pose pack with Sissi)-Pearl 2
And Last, but most certainly not least (especially because I picked this smokin hot lil number up for only 50L as part of 50L fridays) is this club-ready dress from Luck Inc.  The top of the dress is strictly prim, and comes in this “clean” version as well as a little more risque version with a little bit of ‘slippage’.  






Get the Look:

Dress: Luck Inc.-Teasedress Stars
Necklace: LacieCakes-Royally Flushed Necklace
Hair: Truth-Audrey in Tahiti
Skin: Exodi-Lily Cygne Noir in Cedar

Clevage Enhancer-LAQ-Clevage Enhancer in Peach
Eyes: paper.doll-Glimmereyes-Tsunami
Pose: Striking Poses: Pulse Racer 2