About Us

La Familia is a fun fashion blog started by yes, an actual SL family. Well, we consider each other family anyway. Here’s a little something about all of us, revealing stuff you may or may not want to know. Hopefully it’s the former. If not…then you might wanna navigate away, we get pretty kinky. 😀

ELLEKIRSTEN GOSSIPGIRL is a fiery, fashionista and owner of CLUB FEVER. She brings the Filipino spice to the blogging world, often adding a slight kick to her looks. A known shopaholic, Elle brings to you just some of the many items in her overstuffed inventory. Seriously. That thing is fucking huge. So huge in fact, that she even has another blog of her own, because she rotates through that much clothing! Yeah, we know.

ALIANNAMARIE GOSSIPGIRL is the owner of her own fashion line called INSATIABLE FASHIONS. When she’s not at the sewing machine (a.k.a. photoshop), she’s either plurking, sleeping, or shopping. Mostly plurking and sleeping though. When she does shop, however, it’s often in bulk, so get ready for her long, super charged posts! Her invo may not be as large as Elle’s but it’s definitely just as fashionable!

VINSON GALICIA is the owner of the Starling Gallery, which features his original artwork. When he’s not running the gallery, he’s often with both Ali and Elle as they shop, either carrying their bags or juggling way too many of his own! Seriously though, Vinson is here to bring you the latest in male fashion, showing you his favorite looks while still managing to somehow keep his sexuality in check. Sort of.

AlexandraM GUISSE is one-half of the duo behind Alexohol Fashions. When she’s not making stuff of her own, you can find her plurking, dancing, and yes of course, even shopping. Alex is new to the family, but she’s definitely one feisty fashionista, bringing her own unique flavor to it. Welcome Alex, and we hope that you stay with us forever! ❤ Seriously. Cause um, you kinda…rule.

MAKEYDA MEXICOLA is the equally fashionable sister of ALIANNAMARIE GOSSIPGIRL, as well as a well known shopaholic amongst the family. When she’s not forcing Ali to work (after all, apparel doesn’t make itself!), she is hitting up the the stores and letting the world know that it’s okay to pint-sized and stylish. Mak may be new, but she’s definitely not a fashion veteran. She’s going to be bringing the alternative fashion to La Familia, so raise those fists up high, folks! She’s going to be your fashion goddess. That’s right. We said it. Goddess.


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