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Enjoying my play on words? That’s what I thought, haha. Seriously though, there’s some pretty awesome newness at *League* that I definitely recommend checking out. Actually, you should just check out League in general, because it is an awesome store. They have a new release, Mix-N-Match Grandad Thermals & Grandad Vintage Braces! The thermals, coming […]

Thought you were rid of me, huh? Well, clearly you were wrong. Normally I’d consolidate my posts but since I tend to ramble, I figured that to spare your eyes I would keep it short and sweet! Besides, you can never get enough of a GossipGirl. :p Totally kidding. So not that self-centered. Not up […]

Hello Hello! It’s Alianna and I am starting off the blogging here at La Familia! Hopefully this is the first of MANY blog posts, and this is my first time blogging so go easy on me, all right? I’ve been hopping around the grid, blowing my lindens on just about everything, so get ready for […]

Hello Hello everyone! Welcome to La Familia Fashion blog. To learn more about the nerds behind the fashion, go here. Once you’re done ogling over us, STAY TUNED TO THIS PAGE. Some hot, fiery fashion is coming your way. Get excited (we know we are), because this will be your one stop shop for craziness, […]