Newness @ [Astraia]!


Hello Hello Fashonistas!

Heather Connolly, owner of [Astraia] (formerly .hc&co.) was kind enough to drop me some of her new items! I also, prior to receiving this, got myself some [Astraia] swag, which I figured I’d feature along with the review pack she sent me! She actually sent me quite a bit of items, which will definitely be featured in later La Familia Posts. Anywho, enough with my meaningless rambling. On with the fashion!

This cute set is called [Astraia] Stripes Set, and comes in blue (pictured), pink, orange, yellow, purple and green! It also comes with super cute leggings, which are unfortunately, not pictured! But they’re cute, trust me. 🙂 The top itself is available in shirt, jacket, as well as undershirt and underpants layers for a tucked in look! I personally love showing off my tummy, so I wore the top in the shirt layer.

The set also comes with the denim skirt, as well as an adorable pair of flats! Check them out:

Adorable, right? I thought so. Plus, for this entire set, it only costs 200L! That’s the top, leggings, denim skirt, AND shoes! It can’t really get much better than that.

Also, it occurs to me that I could have photographed the leggings along with the shoes…but oh well. Please forgive me, fashionistas. I will get it right next time!

I also got this super hot valentines day tank in the pack, which comes in two versions! One has a purple and white gradient while the other goes from light to dark purple. The set also came with an adorable pair of purple jeans, pictured below along with the second gradient tank.

These items are being featured in the Valentine’s Bazaar, which starts Feb 1st! You can only get them there, so make sure you grab the LM once it comes out!

Finally, I had to show you the cardigan I got at their Starlust location! It is also available at the mainstore, so make sure to check out both of them!

The cardigan comes in cherry, coffee, palm, ocean (pictured), storm, and charcoal. It even has a prim that attaches in the back to make the sweater look more full. It’s well placed, so no need to worry about a giant prim sticking out of your ass, I promise! 🙂

That’s all I have for you all for now! Check out [Astraia] today! You won’t regret it.



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